Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beach Work

I'm about 2 months in on my new job and I am still loving it.  Both kids are definitely in that pushing-the-limits stage, so we have our tough days but overall, we have a lot of fun together.  For the PGA tournament last week, the Kents were spending the week in Kiawah for work.  It is about 3 hours from charleston, on the Atlantic coast.   I think they went mostly to meet with potential or current clients regarding Mark's golf sock line.  I'm not sure exactly.  So they asked me to go with them to keep track of the kids while they were at the tournament.  

I was pretty excited, because even though I would be "working", it was still a vacation-like trip that I would get to enjoy for free.  Plus getting paid overtime!  We were there from Wednesday to Monday mainly playing on the beach and at the pool.  
We stayed in their grandparent's beach house at Seabrook Island.  It was walking distance from both the beach and a pool.   We did other fun things like make rice crispy treats and play games but mostly we were there for the beach.  

This was the entrance to the Beach Club House - a short drive away- where we spent most of our time.  There was a little restaurant where we would get lunch, a kiddie pool with a fountain that the kids loved, as well as beach access.  It was perfect for the three of us: close bathrooms, food, beach, pool.  We stayed there basically until we went back home to clean up and change for dinner.  

 View from restaurant

 Beach-  we had been worried about the weather due to a rainy forecast but it turned out so so nice. 

 Sand castle building.  Their favorite things were jumping over waves for hours and attempting to build sand castles with dry sand.  They did not understand the wet sand concept.  I gave up trying.  They had fun regardless of the end result of the castle.  

 Amelia-  I thought this was a cute beach scene.

 Henry playing with his boat

Me taking a walk on the beach one evening.  It was perfect weather!