Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Spartanburg Weekend

This past weekend Simon and I spent most of our time in Spartanburg: the city where Simon works. We love Greenville but it seems like we end up hanging out just as often in Spartanburg because of friends and organized outdoor events. 
Friday we spontaneously went out and had a fun evening with our friend Patrick. We happened to catch the tail end of a bicycle race.

Video Not Working

We listened to, what I thought was, a great country cover band, but I was soon over ruled by Patrick and Simon, (who apparently have poor taste in music) so we went somewhere else. 

Then on Saturday we all met up again for lunch at the newly-opened Wild Ace Pizza downtown, before heading across the street for the live music playing in the square. Spring Fling was being held downtown that weekend so there were several stages with bands all day, seemingly endless rows of food stands, and a few scheduled events.  We watched a couple of sidewalk painters. 

This one did some cool 3D work.  

 He wasn't finished yet but it was already looking good. 

One of the food stands. Check out the menu options; The epitome of America. LOL

We waited, like cool kids, in front of the "French Fry Factory" food stand to take a video of the neat fry-cutting gadget. Here it is. 

One event we wanted to see was the frisbee dog show. The rain held off long enough for us to see it. Here is a video of some of the tricks. The dogs were pretty cute. :)

Sorry this is such poor quality.  I don't know what the problem is with my download.  

Sign on the dog show lawn.  

Then, the rain hit.  Hurrying over to Wild Wings Cafe, we met up with some friends of ours: Greg, Julie and their son Florian. 

Hunger struck and I gave in and ordered, what turned out to be, donut-sized onion rings. Mistake!  We managed to make it through a few of them but... I think I'll order something else next time. 

Despite the rain, we all had a lot of fun enjoying some out-of-the-ordinary events that Spring time brings.   Can't wait for more :)