Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Warriors Game

One of the perks of Simon's job is his accessibility to season tickets (shared with the whole company) to the Greenville Road Warriors hockey games.  You may be thinking... Huh, I didn't know they liked hockey.. well you would be right.  Neither of us had ever seen a hockey game before this month.   Let me tell you, I have discovered that it is a violent yet exciting sport.  :) 

Friday night, spontaniously, we went with several people from/who we've met through Simon's work.  The experience was more of a social nature rather than real sport-interest.  Primarily we sat up in the lounge area overlooking the rink, chitchatting, eating the complimentary popcorn and having some drinks.  It was a nice opportunity, though, to learn the rules of the game before the following night when we would be sitting right down by the glass being hard core fans...

So that was Friday... 
Saturday had been planned for a couple of weeks with our friends Jennifer and Kent.  We had a simple dinner at our apartment and then all headed over to the game. Here are a couple of pictures from the game.  

A shot before the little action we had in our corner (aka they slammed against the glass).  It all seemed to happen everywhere else.  

 The mascot.

 "We" won 5-3.  

Jennifer and I

 Me, Simon, Jennifer, Kent.  Post game picture

 Simon and I-  He was not thrilled about another picture.  

Anyways, we definitely had a fun time and all learned a little bit about hockey.  Mostly I screamed every time the puck came even remotely close to where we were.  As always, we were blessed to spend time with good friends.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Washer and Dryer!!!

So, about 2 weeks ago now, our dryer pooped out on us.  It was about 15 years old so really it was only a matter of time but it was still a sad day.  The washer was still chugging along, but we figured it wasn't too far behind so we decided to just get a whole new set.  
We were hoping to get a set that would last us another 15 years or so, so we really thought about what we would like to have before we started looking.  
After doing some research, we decided we would like Samsung front loaders.  I wanted, in particular, a sanitize setting and a delay start on the washer.  We looked on Craigslist, going back and forth between buying new or used, because we were having such a hard time finding a used set.  We finally managed to get a set nailed down; they were conveniently located in... Atlanta, Georgia.  

So Martin (Simon's Dad) and Simon drove down the 2 and a half hours and picked them up one afternoon.  We were so incredibly thankful that Martin and Irene were here to help us out with the decision making as well as the purchasing/delivering process in general.  They played a major roll in our new-to-us appliances and we greatly appreciate it!  After a strenuous process of hauling the set up the stairs (the washer ways a whooping 240 lbs...) and shimmying them into the little area we have for a laundry room, Martin and Simon were pretty exhausted.  




 We are so thankful that we were able to get a set with the pedestals.  They really make the whole thing easier to deal with!!  The only negative is, as you may notice, the previously installed shelf no longer fits with the new extra-tall washer and dryer. 
So to avoid loosing all our storage, we decided to build a shelf atop the set.


 He placed a strip of particle board in the back and front. (we couldn't make one complete board because we wouldn't have been able to get it in..   Underneath he lined the high points and center of the appliances with some rubber drawer-liner so it wouldn't scratch the tops.  

 Then he added the shelf

A 3-sided rectangle with triangular connecters on the back for stability.
So, after adding all our food here is the... 


I put the detergent on the edge so I can just pump it into the little drawer.  

Now nothing can fall in-between the two or down the back.  
Honestly, it all barely fits, but luckily it is perfect!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family Time

For the past two weeks Irene and Martin, Simon's Parents, have been in town to visit form Germany.  They arrived Saturday the 20th around dinner time.  Sunday we went to church, had lunch with our friends Jennifer and Kent, and then took them to downtown Greenville for the afternoon.

At Reedy Falls
Irene, Simon, me

Monday Martin and Irene left to go north, to the Table Rock area, where they had rented a cabin for the week.  
The next weekend Simon and I drove up to join them for Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday.
Here are a few pictures of the Cabin.  They were so sweet to rent one with two bedrooms so we didn't have to  sleep on the fold-out couch.  That was really nice!

 Outside the cabin as we were walking in

 Front door and dining area
Living room with the wonderful fire place

The fire wood.  We had a fire at every moment possible.  It was really nice. -perfect fire weather.

Our bedroom

The hall/stairwell with the frightening deer head


Friday night we ate dinner and then just talked until we all went to bed. 
Saturday morning we woke up early to go kayaking. 
This is the little lake where we kayaked.  

Ours- YELLOW :)

Simon :)


Not an awesome picture of us but the only close up one I managed to take.

It was a beautiful, serene morning.  I LOVED it. Thank you so much Martin and Irene for planning that for us.  I had never been Kayaking before and it was really easy and fun.  I really hope to be able to do it again.

Okay, after kayaking.  We went back to the cabin and planned the rest of our day.
We decided to drive up to a little overlook ( I'm sure it had a name but I don't remember it and apparently didn't take a picture) and then to Jumping off rock. 

Here is the view from the lookout and the first family picture of the weekend.  

It was a REALLY twisty and bumpy drive up the Jumping Off Rock.  About 20 minutes of paved twisty road and then an hour of graveled, bumpy, twisty roads.  I get motion sickenss.  As you might imagine, it was not a super enjoyable drive for any of us.  (although it was pretty).  We stopped about 3 times so I could regain a bit of stomach composure.  
One positive thing  about all of the stops: we got some nice pictures at the lookout points.  

The leaves were all at the perfect mid-change stage.  It was so wonderful.  I could see a hint of God's beauty everywhere we went.  
Proof that it really WAS called that.

 The view from the top.  It was worth it but I would not do it again.  My stomach was sick for the rest of the trip.  Pitiful I know. 

 Simon and his Dad lookin' out off of Jumping Off Rock.

 After a little looking, we headed back down. 
 The car got a little dirty...

 This is the visitors center "near" the cabin and a beautiful view of the Blueridge Mountains.
Dock at the Visitors center. 

After all of that we went back to the cabin for dinner.  We stayed in the rest of the night and enjoyed the fire and some wine.    

Irene and I decided Saturday night to do a puzzle that was there in the cabin. I think the guys were a little skeptical we would finish it but it was completed the next morning when they got up.  HA   

Sunday we all agreed we wanted to sleep in and have a lazy morning.  After a little devotional and communion at the cabin we went on a mile hike to the top of Twin Falls.  There wasn't much to see but it was a nice hike.  Then we drove a little ways and did a short 1/4 mile hike to the base of the same Twin Falls.  A much nicer view!
 One of my favorite sites that we saw!

 Here are a few random pictures from our hikes.

We had an early dinner and then Simon and I left that night to head back home.  Martin and Irene stayed one more night.  
Monday night they arrived again at out apartment and stayed with us until Friday evening when they left for Germany.  During those 5 days Simon and I were at work most of the time so during the days Martin and Irene were on their own.  They did some shopping for the most part.  In the evenings we enjoyed dinner and talking together.   One afternoon/evening Simon and Martin took a little trip to Atlanta, but that story is for another day and another blog.