Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Warriors Game

One of the perks of Simon's job is his accessibility to season tickets (shared with the whole company) to the Greenville Road Warriors hockey games.  You may be thinking... Huh, I didn't know they liked hockey.. well you would be right.  Neither of us had ever seen a hockey game before this month.   Let me tell you, I have discovered that it is a violent yet exciting sport.  :) 

Friday night, spontaniously, we went with several people from/who we've met through Simon's work.  The experience was more of a social nature rather than real sport-interest.  Primarily we sat up in the lounge area overlooking the rink, chitchatting, eating the complimentary popcorn and having some drinks.  It was a nice opportunity, though, to learn the rules of the game before the following night when we would be sitting right down by the glass being hard core fans...

So that was Friday... 
Saturday had been planned for a couple of weeks with our friends Jennifer and Kent.  We had a simple dinner at our apartment and then all headed over to the game. Here are a couple of pictures from the game.  

A shot before the little action we had in our corner (aka they slammed against the glass).  It all seemed to happen everywhere else.  

 The mascot.

 "We" won 5-3.  

Jennifer and I

 Me, Simon, Jennifer, Kent.  Post game picture

 Simon and I-  He was not thrilled about another picture.  

Anyways, we definitely had a fun time and all learned a little bit about hockey.  Mostly I screamed every time the puck came even remotely close to where we were.  As always, we were blessed to spend time with good friends.  

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