Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 and Simon's 28th birthday

As the thanksgiving holiday approached, Simon and I assumed that we would be spending it alone.  We will be traveling to Little Rock to visit my family this Christmas, and we just don't have the money to make two big road trips so close together (three if you count our mid-December travel plans to TN).  These assumptions caused us to be even more excited when we found out Jessica and Grant, Simon's cousin and her husband, recently moved to AL; a mere 6 hours away.  While still a decent drive, it definitely beats the 20 or so hour drive it would have been to visit them, and the majority of Simon's remaining America-dwelling family, in TX.   
We were very excited that Jessica and Grant were willing to make the drive, giving us all the opportunity to spend the Holidays together.

Not only were we all able to spend Thanksgiving together but also Simon's birthday, November 23rd, as it falls, this year, on the day after Thanksgiving.   

But first thing's first: Thanksgiving.  
Jess and Grant arrived Wednesday night around midnight.  Thursday we enjoyed a slow, lazy morning before Jess and I began preparing for dinner.    

Some of the dishes I prepped ahead of time and the pie I completely made the day before so that things wouldn't be quite so crazy day-of.  Especially since out kitchen is quite tiny and doesn't allow for a lot of team work.  

The fruits of our labor.  
Cornish hens (by Jessica for she and Grant), turkey (for Simon and I) Green bean bundles (under the foil, opps), cornbread dressing/stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn on the cob, rolls and gravy

Pumpkin Pie in the oven

Because it was my first pumpkin pie I didn't know it would settle and look nicer. Therefore, I didn't take a picture once it settled.  This is the puffy pie stage.  But I thought, for a first attempt, it turned out pretty well-and it was super easy.  The crust was a little droopy one the right side for some reason but oh well.  

After the mini-feast we drove to downtown Greenville and took a little walk.  The Christmas lights were already up so it was a nice holiday atmosphere.  

The 23rd was Simon's birthday! 
We slept in a little but, I inevitably woke everyone up with my pancake making; the disadvantages of having only one bedroom.

Simon's birthday breakfast.  He was incredibly excited about the candle.... as all of you who know him would assume.
 Then cards and presents

 This is Simon organizing his new screw/etc. tool box.  
Happy Birthday Simon! 

Later that afternoon we dared to venture out of the house and into STORES.  It actually wasn't all that bad.  By the time we made it out, most of the blackness had fizzled out.  We went to Trader Joe's and Greens (a discount beer and wine store that has an extensive selection) and then headed back to the apartment.  

 We spent the evening playing a few games and chitchatting mostly.  

After breakfast Saturday morning, Jessica and Grant packed up.  Just as they were about to head out we got a knock at the door followed by a pleasant conversation with the police officer informing us that 6 or so cars had been broken into in the back parking lot.  Of course, Grant's and Jessica's car was one of the lucky winners.  So, down to the parking lot we went, all with images of broken glass and ripped out stereo systems flashing through our minds.  Thankfully, it was not quite as dramatic as all that.  Nothing was taken, no windows were broken, the crooks just Houdini'd the doors open and snooped around probably looking for cash or expensive electronics.  We did get to see a real CSI in action though.  Kind of cool.  I had never seen anyone fingerprinting a scene in real life.  

 Unfortunately, no prints (other than a hip print from Jessica's jeans), so that probably means it will be a  long shot to catch the serial thieves that have apparently been victimizing many unsuspecting cars in Greenville county.   
Apparently easily finding dozens of useful prints at a crime scene is not as realistic as the crime shows lead one to believe.  Unfortunate.  

So, that concluded our weekend together and Jess and Grant were only delayed 45 minutes or so from their initially desired departure time.  

Thanks again guys for making the drive! We really enjoyed having you here and having you closer to us in general since your move from Austin.  
We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving with good food and memorable family time!

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