Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Trip to Nashville

This past weekend Simon and I took a little road trip to Nashville to celebrate with his cousin Kira as she graduated with her MBA. Y best friend Katie also lives in Nashville, very close to where we were, so I was able to spend some time with here also.

Upon our arrival in Nashville, Simon dropped me off at Starbucks for some girl time with Katie and headed to Kira and Andrews. While I am quite thankful to be done with college, I do miss the fun that was had by constantly being surrounded by friends. Having girl time or catching up was almost effortless because you merely had to walk across campus at most in order to get together. Now, as we've all spread out, it is much more difficult an the times of togetherness are much fewer and far between. It definitely makes me more thankful for the times I do get to spend with those friends. Okay, enough reminiscing.
After Starbucks, I went to Kira and her husband Andrew's house and said my hellos to Jessica and Grant (Simon's cousin and her husband) and Bill and Toni (Simon's aunt and uncle- Kira and Jessica's parents).
I am thankful that, despite the craziness that the holiday season can bring, we were all able to get together - thanks to Kira and Andrew's hospitality- for the weekend.
Saturday was graduation day. It was special to be able to celebrate with Kira as she completed this goal towards which she has been working. I know she felt a sense of pride and accomplishment at this step, and rightly so.
The remainder of the day was filled with a little shopping, lot of eating, and fun times playing cards and talking.
Sunday we all went to church and then out for a delicious lunch before heading back home our separate ways.

Congratulations Kira!!
And thank's again to Andrew and Kira for opening your home to us all and making the celebratory weekend so enjoyable!

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