Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Craziness

It's the most wonderful time of the year... Kind of. Although Christmas this year was totally crazy, we still managed to have some good times. We went to Arkansas to spend Christmas with my family. We drove all day Saturday and arrived around 9pm. We got stuck in some traffic on the way so it set us back about an hour and a half. No fun but we finally got there.
Sunday night we had a Christmas party for my extended family. We didn't really do anything Christmassy, but it was about spending time together. Someone even busted out an old family video luckily it was a pre-sarah video so no personal embarrassment!


Monday we just chilled, played some dominoes and snacked on reindeer mix and apple cider.

Christmas morning Mom made a delicious breakfast, per my request, of biscuits and sausage gravy plus eggs! Yum!! It was wonderful.
We did a family (mom, dad, Simon and me) christmas exchange after eating.

Dad unwrapping gifts

Mom and her KitchenAid
I managed to snap an unwanted Simon picture :)

Later that afternoon my grandparents came over for a second gift exchange and an afternoon/evening of eating delicious food.  

Papa couldn't wait for the picture, he had to have his coke. haha  
Our wished-for white christmas was a few hours late, only beginning to fall as the sun was setting, but man did it stick.  My grandparents headed home early to avoid getting snowed in with all of us crazies for who knows how many days.  
Here is a snow picture after only an hour or so.  
Christmas evening about 8, after some more snow, ice, and then some heavy snow, the power went out. Sad times!

We made the best of it, though, by busting out the flashlights and setting up by the fire for some Skip-Bo.

The next morning we figured out we were not alone in our power outrage.

Wednesday we were to the point of being creative. So we heated up some of the leftovers over the fire. It was nice to have some warm meals in the chilly house.  By the end of the week we had mastered pop-corn, mini thanksgiving dinner, taco soup, coffee and apple cider.  It was quite the feat.  We were definitely blessed with hot water, a nice fire, and many many blankets. It truly made it all bearable. During the daytime, with all the natural light illuminating the house, it was easy to forget the power was out.

Once the roads had melted a little bit Simon and I were able to make the hour drive to Searcy where Tanya and Wilson and their sweet family had come from texas to stay with family for the holidays.
We both were glad the in-climate weather didn't force us to cancel our little trip. Upon arrival at Marvin and Roki's home in searcy (Wilson's parents by whom we enjoyed many delicious meals as well as their sweet hospitality during our college days) we happily discovered that the weather had prevented Jay and Andrea and their family (Wilson's sister and fam) from leaveing when they had planned. Angie (wilsons sister-in-law) and her kids were also over. So... full house! 20 people in total. We were excited to see so many people we love at once. We were able to chit chat with everyone and then of course, enjoy a great meal together. I truly don't think I have ever been to Marvin and Roki's and not eaten something wonderful. We even managed to squeeze the good part of a hand and foot game into our stay.
We were really thankful that the invitation had not been terminated due to such a full house.  It was definitely an uplifting day for us after a couple of cold, unpleasant, powerless days. 
Thanks...everyone in the Robertson family and beyond... for always welcoming us and making us feel loved.
Friday I was able to get out and do some coffee, shopping, and girl time with my good friend Elizabeth.  I hadn't seen her since her beautiful wedding in July and it was so special to be able to catch up with her. Then my mom and I spent a girls day together shopping some more... and drinking some more coffee.. :) my kinda day!!  It was good to get out and have some fun together.  

Saturday morning... still no power.  So, after a reliably delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel with mom and dad Simon and I hit the road, a few discounted Christmas ornaments heavier, bound for Alabama and our New Years holiday hosts, the Warfields.   

As I said, it was a bit of a crazy Christmas holiday.  It was, as always, special to see all our loved ones and share in the making of holiday memories (which hopefully don't turn into holiday traditions).  This was definitely a Christmas to remember.  

Merry Christmas
 (a little late)
 from the Reinhardts

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