Saturday, December 8, 2012

Getting into the Christmas spirit!

Although I was excited about getting our tree from one of the local Christmas tree farms this year, that just wasn't in the cards for us.  We got the info, very last minute, that Simon might have to go to Germany for a couple of weeks the following morning, so we had to get a tree ASAP.  Sadly, all of the Christmas tree farms are closed by the time we get off work, so we made out 2nd annual Christmas tree purchase from my favorite hardware store and yours: Lowe's

 I wanted to strap it to the top but Simon said that was unnecessary.  
 On the way into the apartment

all decorated- and those are our stockings

The next afternoon we got the news that Simon would not be traveling yet, maybe next month.  Oh well, at least we have out Christmas tree all set up!!
A little Christmas decorating

Simon's favorite addition to my life: the auto reindeer costume 
 Nose :)
Whole outfit :)

 Our new stocking holders.  It was hard to get a good picture with the weird lighting in our apartment.
The advent calendar from Aldi and the advent calendar from Irene we have been keeping up with.

Irene, Simon's mom brought us a little nutcracker that has happily been added to the Christmas decor this year!

Christmas decorations combined with lots and lots of Christmas music, both in the car and at work (and at home when I can get Simon to deal with it), have gotten this Christmas season off to a festive start!

On the 22nd we will be making our way over to Little Rock to spend Christmas with my family- can't wait! Hope everyone is having as much fun "Decking the halls" as I am!!
Happy Holidays everyone! 

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