Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Washer and Dryer!!!

So, about 2 weeks ago now, our dryer pooped out on us.  It was about 15 years old so really it was only a matter of time but it was still a sad day.  The washer was still chugging along, but we figured it wasn't too far behind so we decided to just get a whole new set.  
We were hoping to get a set that would last us another 15 years or so, so we really thought about what we would like to have before we started looking.  
After doing some research, we decided we would like Samsung front loaders.  I wanted, in particular, a sanitize setting and a delay start on the washer.  We looked on Craigslist, going back and forth between buying new or used, because we were having such a hard time finding a used set.  We finally managed to get a set nailed down; they were conveniently located in... Atlanta, Georgia.  

So Martin (Simon's Dad) and Simon drove down the 2 and a half hours and picked them up one afternoon.  We were so incredibly thankful that Martin and Irene were here to help us out with the decision making as well as the purchasing/delivering process in general.  They played a major roll in our new-to-us appliances and we greatly appreciate it!  After a strenuous process of hauling the set up the stairs (the washer ways a whooping 240 lbs...) and shimmying them into the little area we have for a laundry room, Martin and Simon were pretty exhausted.  




 We are so thankful that we were able to get a set with the pedestals.  They really make the whole thing easier to deal with!!  The only negative is, as you may notice, the previously installed shelf no longer fits with the new extra-tall washer and dryer. 
So to avoid loosing all our storage, we decided to build a shelf atop the set.


 He placed a strip of particle board in the back and front. (we couldn't make one complete board because we wouldn't have been able to get it in..   Underneath he lined the high points and center of the appliances with some rubber drawer-liner so it wouldn't scratch the tops.  

 Then he added the shelf

A 3-sided rectangle with triangular connecters on the back for stability.
So, after adding all our food here is the... 


I put the detergent on the edge so I can just pump it into the little drawer.  

Now nothing can fall in-between the two or down the back.  
Honestly, it all barely fits, but luckily it is perfect!!

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