Thursday, February 2, 2012

...And A Happy New Year

A new year again.  The time for New Year's resolutions,  embarrassing pictures in weird party hats you would never wear any other time, followed by whole hearted gym membership purchases and crazy rash decisions like "no more chocolate... ever".
The chocolate thing for me usually lasts about... a week tops and then I'm shamelessly dipping oreos in chocolate milk.  This year I made no such chocolate resolution to save myself the disappointment.

To celebrate the new year we went to Austin, now an easy 3 hours away which is wonderful in comparison to the 9 hour distance we faced before, to celebrate with the family we had just spent Christmas with.  But no complaints!
 We car pooled to Austin with Dan and Sarina and Hannah which made the trip more enjoable: a few new people to converse with on the road trip.  We got lucky because Hannah slept the whole way giving us all more freedom to chat.

Simon and I spent the time with Grant and Jessica and as usual had an awesome time vegging out on Jessica's meals and watching movies.

On New Years Eve we all got together at Tanya and Wilson's house for cheese fondu and games.  Cheese fondu was a first for me.  I didn't really know what to expect (Honestly I had always thought fondu was only with chocolate) This was just as good though and I'm glad they introduced that fun and yummy thing to me!

 Before all the kids went to bed we got some cuddle time in.  Here is Simon playing with Emi.
Emi was loving all of the attention she was getting-she got to stay up a little later than the other girls.  She laughed and giggled as she was carried around by Grant in the Panera bag. 

Anthony, a friend we have happily acquired through our Austin adventures, came and spent the evening with us and we were glad to get to spend some extra time with him!
 We welcomed in the New Year with a pause in our games, the clinking of glasses and comically trying but failing to find the ball dropping on the internet.  

The following day everyone came to Grant and Jessica's for lunch after church.

 This is a little silliness from the girls.  They are hiding from Wilson and Simon behind the couch and then jumping up an laughing.  

We were able to enjoy the christmasy atmosphere just a little while longer with their decorations still up and perfect. 

As usual we had a great time with everyone and it is a blessing to be so much closer to everyone now so that those moments can happen easier and more often. 

Thanks for having us Jessica, Grant, Tanya and Wilson!


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