Friday, April 6, 2012

Great News!!!!!!!

After months of waiting, Simon's Employment Authorization Card has ARRIVED!!!!

We were expecting it back at the end of January and by February we were getting frustrated.  Then, last Sunday, in an inconspicuous envelope we opened it and were thrilled!!!

[Disclaimer :  Simon was not allowed to smile in his picture.  This was taken at his biometrics (fingerprinting) appointment back in November]

So, it may be self explanatory, but just to clarify, this is not a green card.  This is just a beginning and vital step to the green card process.  This allows Simon to get a job without strings attached while his green card is being processed.  
The next steps are to job hunt, make connections and proceed as a normal recent college graduate would to find a job- no more waiting!

Green Card update:  We just found out that we will, in early May, have our personal interview with immigration services. So that process is moving forward too.  As far as we know, the interview is the final factor in their decision to accept or deny the request for a green card so it's a pretty big deal and hopefully we know each other well enough to answer questions like "what kind of deodorant does your spouse wear?" and other more serious ones.  HA
So, that's the latest exciting news for us.  We're really happy and we have appreciated all of the prayers towards a speedy processing.   

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  1. i have the same birthday as Simon!!! Congrats