Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Open Season on Ice Cream!!!

Across the street from our apartment there is a dangerously tempting little ice cream parlor coupled with a local farmers market/peach orchard. I try to support local farmers as much as I can by making a stop into the market once a week or so. The veggies are always so fresh, so it is worth the little extra money. Sadly, the place has to close down for almost half of the year since the crops and weather don't allow it to be open year round. I've been keeping my eye out for a sign advertising the reopening for awhile and last week it was there!!

So after a nice al fresco pizza dinner on the balcony, we walked over and each enjoyed a kiddie cup of our favorites. The ice cream parlor is such a little thing, but it is one of the things we have made our own since we moved here and I'm happy to have it back. Now we just have to keep the visits under control :)

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