Sunday, June 30, 2013

Herb Garden Progress Report #1: Day 15

Obviously, this early in, there isn't a WHOLE lot to report, but there has been some progress.  

The first week or so I watered every couple of days because all three herbs grow best in mostly dry soil.  Then, when the heat really picked up and the soil was bone dry at the end of each day,  I began watering it at the end of every day.  

I originally planted 3 herb columns: Parsley(3 rows), Basil( 4 rows), Oregano (3 rows).

 Basil was the first to peek through;  It began showing at just day 5, all 4 rows.  It is in the middle.
One row died out a couple of days later.  Here is a close up of the basil sprouting

Parsley joined the party 10 days in. The picture was so dark I didn't bother adding it.  

 15 days in.

Today, at 15 days,  all 3 rows of Parsley are growing strong (left) and the 3 surviving Basil rows as well (middle).  Still no sign of Oregano.   

That's all for now.  I'll try to give another 15 day update.  Happy Summer Y'all.

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