Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Because of our travel plans at Christmas, my parents graciously came to us for the thanksgiving holiday this year.  Living in a state where we have no family, it is always nice when we have visitors! 
They arrived on Wednesday in the late afternoon just in time for dinner. Afterwards Mom and I got to work preparing the turkey for our little thanksgiving feast. 
Because time got away from us on the days leading up to my parents visit, we hadn't been able to get a Christmas tree yet, like we'd hoped, so after dinner and turkey-ing, we went out and got one all together.

It was perfect having Dad's truck here! Exactly the right tool for Christmas tree transporting!
Dad and Simon workin' hard.  Two flights of stairs and lots of rogue pine needles later, we had a christmas tree in our apartment.  

Thursday was a family day, a cooking and baking day, and a being-lazy-around-the-house day. In other words, a perfect holiday :) 

I made a big breakfast, trying out a new recipe for apple cider pancakes. I have to say, I think they were the best pancakes I've ever made! 
Mom and I decorated the Christmas tree until it was time to make the final meal preparations. 
Then we enjoyed the big thanksgiving meal as an early dinner. 
The table. It is lucky I got a picture, we all scarfed it down in like 15 minutes! Pigs

      My favorite part and Simon's least    

           favorite part: the dressing :)

           Pumpkin pie! 

Friday afternoon Mom and I ventured out and did some shopping while the men lounged around some more. Then we all met up and saw Catching Fire. It had been hard waiting a whole week so we could watch it together- per Dad's request.  Awesome movie, as was expected! 

Saturday, Simon and I took my parents up North to the apple orchard, Sky Top. It is a cute little place, perfect for a fall outting.  For apple season, we knew we were a little late, but the drive up there is beautiful and it was still fun to walk through the orchard munching on the homemade, mouth watering apple dough-nuts and sipping hot cider. 
Don't let the blight sun fool you, it was REALLY cold!
The ducks were the only animals out.  Too cold for the farm animals I suppose. 
Simon and I with the empty orchard in the background.

Apple picking... Kind of...

Having our cider and dough-nuts

Mom and Dad left Sunday morning before Simon and I left for church. We had a fun, long weekend and I'm thankful they made the trip to spend time with us! We all really enjoyed it! 

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