Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Accidental Accident Incident

It is funny how things sometimes turn out: Unplanned, unexpected, unforeseen. But then you're left to deal with them- left to figure it all out. 

Sunday morning, our second and last Sunday in Germany, the family readied ourself for the hour drive to church. Saturday had been busy; Our long drive back from Munich, putting us home at 10:00 that night. The morning had surely come too soon for all of us. Nevertheless we were ready, basically on time, and off we went. 
It was a wet day; as had been yesterday's drive, although today, it wasn't raining yet.  I was taking the long drive as a chance to nap. My morning cup of coffee had not done its job. 
Hopefully I could get my napping out then and avoid an accidental doze in church: always imbarassing. 

Little did I know that staying awake would soon be the least of the days problems. 

As I fell peacefully into a short slumber on Simon's shoulder I was abruptly awoken by an alarmed yell of warning from Irene to Martin. As my eyes flew open I saw the road and trees gradually shift to the right and felt Irene grab my arm as we crashed into the railing that seperated us from the incoming traffic. 

Here are the events that followed:
We called the peoplice because the road railing had been damaged. 

They were very friendly and helpful and waited with us until the towtruck came. 
It started to rain, because it always seems to rain during things like this. 

The towtruck arrived. 

He loaded the poor little thing into the truck.

We all crammed into the cab of the truck (Hannes sat in the passengers seat)
Here is my creepy picture of  tow truck driver. 

Here is the damage.  The car was too damaged for it to be worth replacing, so a couple of days later Simon's parents began the search for a new car.  

After we dropped the car off at the auto repair, the nice man drove us to the Stra├čenbahn.  We were all really thankful for that, because it would otherwise have been a really long walk.

The morning was stressful and no fun for any of us. I feel very blessed that no one was hurt, that no other cars were involved, and that everyone who helped us with the incident (police, etc) were very friendly and helpful.  All of those factors made the morning much smoother and seem less terrible than it would have otherwise.  

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