Sunday, December 28, 2014

3rd Annual Apple Picking Trip

Fall is becoming my favorite season; More and more every year, it seems.  Warm, spiced drinks, beautiful foliage and warm cozy scarves- What's not to love!
Every year since moving to South Carolina, we have made it a tradition to take a trip to the apple orchard just across the boarder of North Carolina.  Last year we went with my parents when they were here for Thanksgiving.  It was a little too late to actually pick any apples, but this year we went much earlier and it was perfect for picking.  Our friends Patrick and Diana joined us and we made a day of it.    

 My favorite, and Simon's least favorite, en rout picture.

Let's be honest... The real reason anyone goes to this apple orchard is to get a taste of THE best apple donuts in the world!  Ok, well I can't say that for sure, but I would imagine they have to be pretty close!   I love them and, truly, I look forward to them for days before we go.  A guilty fall pleasure, I'll admit.   

 Our friends brought their new pup along.  He was loving the outdoors.  

 Some tree climbing is sometimes necessary.  
Rules, Schmools

It really was a beautiful day to be outside.   The orchard has rows and rows of all different apple types,  half of which I have never heard of.   

 Group Pic :)

Orchard wildlife.  
Before moving here I had never seen such vibrant, blue butterflies.  I always love it when I get a glimpse of one.  It isn't even possible to truly capture their beauty on camera, but here was an attempt.

 Please note all of the Clemson fans in the background.  Can't get away from those crazies.  :)

It is always such a fun time.  The weather was perfect brisk, very fall-ie, and there were still plenty of apples, if you were willing to climb a little.  No doubt we will venture back next year.  

What do we do with all of those apples you might ask (well you probably didn't but I'm telling you anyways).  Again this year I made an apple pie from the delicious apples.  You just can't beat fresh apples when it comes to apple pie! 

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