Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The beginning of a lot of beginnings

Well I've known for awhile i wanted to start blogging and with all of the exciting things that have happened lately i should have been more on top of things. But i wasn't, so here i am making up for lost time - More specifically, the last 2 months of my/our life. 

First, and most importantly, I have to mention all of the exciting events that led up to our Wedding!
I was able to have my dream wedding and it was so much fun! So many people for whom i care were there to celebrate with us and that was so wonderful! 

First was the rehearsal dinner the night before. It was pretty small, just the people in the wedding and their families.  It was a fun night and a nice way to start the celebrating.
It was nothing too elaborate, but i love sunflowers and daisys so they were the main decor

Simon's Graduation was the same day as our rehearsal dinner so it was a crazy day but can't leave out that proud moment!  

The next day, as may be expected, was the BIG DAY! We had so much fun trying to stay relaxed the whole time and just enjoy the day with so many friends and so much family.  Here are some shots to give a taste of the big picture

 The flower girls, Simon's cousins Mia and Ally, were precious and perfect! 
 My favorite color is yellow, so it showed up a lot in everything
 People with bird seed can be brutal.  A word of warning, keep in mind what you want to be trailing behind you for the next couple of days when planning things out for your final wedding moment.
 Here are some close friends who were awesome and joined in on the much desired bare-foot fun
New family! 

Old family. Old, but still great :)

Well, that's our big weekend.  We left a couple of days later for our honey moon and those pictures will come later.  

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