Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whistle While We Work

Because there will probably be few times in life when we can just stop our lives and move to texas for a couple of weeks to work, when the opportunity arose with Simon's uncle for the weeks after our honeymoon, we decided to take him up on it.  
Simon enjoys and is good at building and fixing etc; I'm not particularly gifted in that department but we're married so he couldn't very well leave me at home.  
We stayed and worked for about two weeks and our main project was building new doors for the shed.  The old ones were in really bad shape

 We had some nosey visitors while we built
 This is how they looked before we painted them.
We also spent a lot of time watering the trees, sweating, painting some other things here and there, sweating,  and little odd jobs.  
We headed back home for a couple of weeks to set up our apartment, which I was really looking forward to after all our traveling, while I took some classes.

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