Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Magazine Holder from Reclaimed Wood

A couple of weeks ago, Simon and I found a weathered pallet in the "Free: Please take me" pile in a front yard.  Everyone has passed those in their neighborhood.  I've noticed that you see those unwanted piles often on Sundays - people do their weekend cleaning on Saturdays I suppose.  We've found a lot of really good stuff in piles like that so I've gotten into the habit of checking them out whenever I notice them.

We almost passed it up because we don't really have the room to just keep wood until we need it.  I remembered though that I had been looking to buy a magazine holder of some sort.  We have so many magazines from Good Housekeeping, Southern Living and some other random things that I like using for recipes and what not that it was becoming a little ridiculous.  So Simon went back and loaded it into the car.  Later that evening, our magazines had a home!  

It's about 1'x1'x1.5'

We bought some rope that we thought looked equally worn at Lowe's. Rope can actually be pretty expensive so we limited to ourselves to the options that could be bought by the foot, but they had exactly what we wanted so it was perfect!


  1. I love it! Maybe we need to have you come to our house for some thrifty projects;)

  2. I'm sure Simon would love that ha! I think he would make a lot more if we had any place to put things. We come across lots of useable wood.