Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Party and Holiday Decorating

Now, I know how behind I am on posting.  It's already January after all, but I am trying to catch up!! Everyone knows the holiday's are crazy, but this year I felt like they were crazier than they have ever been.  Simon (my husband) and I both graduated which was awesome and we were really excited but that, combined with a move and making holiday plans- whew.  I was not looking forward to all of the stress that would come with those events.  I was afraid that once all of the moving excitement began I would end up leaving without getting to say the goodbyes I wanted to.  I decided, Christmas being around the corner and all, I would have a little Christmas party for my girlfriends- whoever could come- and that could be a fun way to spend time together amidst finals and packing to go home for the holidays.  

Our little apartment doesn't hold all that many people so a christmas tree was almost out of the question.  But we found a cute little fir tree at Lowe's for only $12.00 and decided we could squeeze it in somehow. 

For a make-shift tree skirt I used a big strip of burlap I had and draped it around the bottom kind of scrunching it and folding it along the way.  I wrapped some small boxes with packaging paper (dollar store)  and tied them with wire ribbon (dollar store).  This made for some cheap wrapping.  Because we weren't going to be at our apartment for christmas, we didn't wrap any real presents so our tree would have been present-less all season.  That made me sad so this is what I decided to do instead.  

Simon surprised me one day and had put  christmas lights up all around our main apartment room.  I love christmas and the lights made it feel extra christmasy.  

Now, back to the Christmas Party.  Simon got kicked out for the actual party night but he was there to witness the rather hectic and slightly... messy.. baking process.  To make the whole thing less stressful I decided to not do a meal or anything but rather just deserts and snacks.  My friend Katie came over the night before and we baked for hours.   

Our Party Menu Included:
Peppermint Cream Cheese Cupcakes
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Sugar Cookies
Chips and Cheese-dip
Pumpkin Spice Latte

Now, the cheese dip and sugar cookies were nothing special, and I already posted about the pumpkin spice latte (crock-pot).  With the party pumpkin spice lattes I've learned to plan for 2 cups per person because it goes fast!! I am going to post about the cupcakes. That will be my next post! We loved them! they were pretty simple to make, a little time consuming with the striped icing, but worth it if you like chocolate and peppermint!

Once everyone got there the night of the party we stuffed our faces with christmas sweets and listened to christmas music all night.  We had some christmas movies to watch but we never even made it to those we all got so carried away in post-graduation plans and catching up.

 These are my favorite christmas CD's this year!
 [Disclaimer, Simon does not support these CD's as favorite choices]
Even though the whole thing took a lot of time to get ready for (mainly the baking), I'm so glad I did it because once the holidays started, I really did get wrapped up in packing and I would not have had any time to see people despite any good intentions I may have had and I know that would have forever been a regret. A couple of girls couldn't come but it still was a great time.  Most of us met freshmen year in the dorm and have stayed friends ever since.  It was wonderful to spend that time together amidst the chaos of finals week.  I think we all needed the break and it will be a great last college memory to hold on to as we all move on with life and go our separate ways. 
Miss you girls!

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