Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Movin' On

Finally I have gotten everything up to date enough that I can actually write about our life and how much it has changed in the last month.  
The FIRST big and exciting change was GRADUATION!


Even though Simon walked in May, he still officially graduated too and I didn't want his day to get over looked just because he wasn't wearing the outfit!  So the left is his graduation picture too.

I don't think it has quite hit us, or at least me, that we are truly DONE with school.  In years past, the christmas vacation has been about this long- from the time we left school until now.  So it hasn't been such a long time since being on campus that it seems real yet.  This last week I have had talked to several of my friends who are in the back to school moving-in process and it is beginning to sink in a little harder now.  Because our days are mainly filled with... whatever we want to fill them with and now serious commitments whatsoever, I am getting a little stir crazy.  I am very much an active person.  I can spend about 2 days tops sitting around and relaxing and then I am ready to jump back into the hustle and bustle of life.  Now, because we are still both jobless and have no money to really get out and do anything, hustle and bustle is about the furthers thing away from the reality of our days.  But maybe it is good for us to take a breather.  I find I put too much on my plate sometimes and forget how important it is to just stop and breath.  That is one of the many things Simon has given me through our differences: the appreciation for not planning anything and just enjoying a day of relaxation.

The SECOND big change, WE MOVED out of our apartment.
Because we were still busy with finals and spending graduation time with my family, packing couldn't be our first priority.  So when it got down to crunch time we were packing like crazy.  Our deadline to move out was tuesday at 1:00 so on sunday night, we started really packing.  My parents were coming Monday morning to help us move some of the bigger furniture pieces into a storage unit.

 Our situation is kind of unusual because even though we are moving out, we aren't really moving in anywhere else.  We are keeping the majority of our things in storage and going to live with Simon's Aunt and Uncle for awhile.  We are playing the waiting game while Simon is in his green card application process.  
Right now the next big awaited step in that process is for his working permit to arrive.  We are hoping and praying that it comes in the next couple of weeks [from post date not from graduation date] so that Simon can seriously begin job hunting.  Until he has that working permit he is not an appealing candidate for any position because hiring him would cost the company a lot of red tape to sponsor him.  Once the working permit arrives hiring him will be just as easy as hiring anyone else so that is the goal right now.
Until then, however, we don't feel like it is a good decision to get tied down in an apartment lease.  Who knows when and where we will end up having to move for a job and having to break a lease would be expensive - a cost we can't really afford right now as well as an unneeded stress.  
So, until then we are staying in Texas with his Aunt and Uncle, Toni and Bill who are so incredibly generous in their willingness to open their home to us... rather indefinitely.  But our goal is to be moved out within a few months.  Keep our situation in your prayers please!!


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