Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bathroom Shelf

I am reminded more and more each day how blessed I am to be married to Simon.  And to his chagrin, I'm going to take a moment to brag. :) While somewhat insignificant, in comparison to so many other beautiful and deeper things he brings to our marriage, I am thankful for his talent with building. He is creative, detail oriented and a gifted craftsman. These attributes, combined with his love for "projects", makes him a great personal carpenter, as well a wonderful addition to my life.
This weekend he took his own money and time to build us a bathroom shelf. We had been discussing the idea since we moved in; We have little towel space and a big blank spot on the wall so it was a naturally progressing want.

This isn't a how-to, it is just some shots of the finished project.

He didn't know I took this :) installation 

Hobby Lobby Hardware.  Love that place.

Front View

A side view of some of the weathered detail

I really like the detail of the accents.  

Another weathering view

Detail close up

Dressed and ready to go.

Thanks honey for being great.
Praise God for talents.
Thank you God for putting someone in my life who is so many things that I am not.

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