Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrating the New Year, 2013

After a cold and slightly unusual Christmas holiday, we sought our calm and relaxation as we drove to Alabama for a little New Year celebration.

Jessica and Grant recently moved to Huntsville, now making them the closest family members to our South Carolina home. We had not yet gotten to visit them, so we used our drive home from Little Rock as an opportunity to change that.

We arrived Saturday, late afternoon, and after receiving the grand tour, enjoyed a delicious warm meal and time catching up.
Kira and Andrew arrived Sunday afternoon after we had gone to church and out to eat at "nothing but noodles" where we all ate, yes you guessed it, noodles.

We were introduced to a new board game: balderdash which we thoroughly enjoyed playing.

Monday, New Year's Eve for anyone who has lost track of my time line here, the girls did a little shopping and we welcomed in the new year by virtually ignoring its arrival as we continued playing games: more balderdash, catch phrase and I believe some skip Bo.
Speaking of catch phrase... It would be wrong to leave this out. We began the catch phrase game by nonchalantly splitting into boys vs girls. After loosing 5 times, the guys refused to switch teams; determined to beat us. 5 or 6 games later, we remained undefeated and the game night ended with jovial bitterness and murmurings of luck. While the New Years welcome was rather anticlimactic, the time together was fun and memorable.
As a whole, I took zero print-worthy pictures. But a couple note worthy one. So I will end with those:

If it is difficult to see, Andrew is holding a knife... looking a little to pensive.

Happy New Year friends.
May this year yield more accomplished goals, lives blessed, and love spread in and through the lives of you all.

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  1. I was so upset at myself for taking no pictures either, GRR! Thanks for coming again!