Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Night at the Circus

Thinking back, I remember little about our family trips to the circus. I remember always wanting one of the obnoxious spinning, flashing, over priced toys.
Luckily, now I can look back on a trip to the circus with more vivid memories.

If you couldn't guess, the circus came to town: Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus; the greatest show on earth.

The opening night, a Wednesday, was not the ideal time for a night on the town, but opening night tickets were all $10.00. You can't beat that.

So, after work we headed over to the bi-lo center.
It was not what I expected in some ways. There was a lot of singing and dancing but I didn't really mind that surprise. Simon wasn't thrilled at that unexpected addition but all of the acts were great.
I was really excited about the tigers, but
the elephants ended up being my favorite!

Here are a few pictures from the night. I didn't think I would be able to bring my camera in, so the photos are from a phone and not that spectacular - But some turned out pretty well.

pre show

A very pixely photo from before the real thing started

I got cotton candy!!! I had been looking forward to this all night!!

The elephant train :)

Head stand!

 Elephants again (Like I said, they were my favorite part)

 spinning people

 Grand Finale
Here is a little video. Of the elephants of course  heehee

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