Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonderful Play-doh Recipe!

I've never been keen in homemade playdoh until now. In the past I had only been aware of the flowery ones that either dye your hands and everything it touches when you play with it, completely fall apart, or are so watery they're gross.
I found this post on Pinterest and was pretty intrigued by the raving review a teacher had given this particular recipe.
So I decided it would be a fun rainy-day activity for me and the kids.
Since it has been raining at least once a week here, I didn't have to wait long to try it out.
We made two batches (each kiddo made one). Over all, it was a recipe they could be hands on with, which is nice. It would have been both quicker and cleaner if I had done it alone but that was not so much my intention with the whole activity.
This dough is very squishy (a desired attribute) and seems to hold its moisture very well. We played for probably 45 minutes with all of it out and it didn't even begin to dry up!

Okay here is the easy peasy recipe;

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/4 cup salt
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1 Tbls. vegetable oil
food coloring

Combine all the ingredients into a stove-safe pot and mix well. (I used a whisk to get all of the clumps out and realize now I should have helped stir more before the stove-step; It would have made the end result prettier)
We made purple and orange batches. If I had made it for presents or school, I would have halved the batches and done 4 colors. It made so much! Perfect for home though.

After it is all well mixed, stick it on the stove over medium heat and stir. Once it starts really getting thick (you'll know) then it is a very quick process. Maybe 45 sec.
After it has formed into a nice ball and all of the visible moisture has been cooked out, remove it from the pot and flatten it out on a plastic cutting board or plate to let it cool. It will be VERY hot at first, so don't let little helpers get too eager to try it out.
After about 15 minutes it is cool enough to play with.

Here is the consistency and color of the soupy mix. You will notice that, once cooked, the color gets darker.  The orange turned into a pinkish color.  (see the clumps I was talking about)

In this photo I tried to show about how much one batch makes. 

The two larger balls are, what I gaged to be, about the amount of dough in one regular play dough cup. The third, smaller ball, is what is leftover. Hopefully that is an understandable comparison.

Here is our creation in action.  This is all of the "orange" Play-doh and some of the purple.  The 2nd purple princess is in the castle, of course.  

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