Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Process of Progress

Bare walls and cluttered corners; the smell of cleaning products and tousled dust bunnies pollute the air and the space where once our dining table stood is gradually transformed, brick by brick, into a wall of filled bins as the rest of our apartment grows sparser.  
I'll admit, I always get a little sad when we move. Even when the destination is much more desirable than the present, I can't help but let the end of a good thing resonate on my soul a little.  I don't really do well with change, honestly.  I like it but I struggle with it.  I used to say I didn't like change, but I've realized, over the last couple of years, that I like it, I just struggle with it.  I get easily attached to things: ridiculous things and worthwhile things. I'm sentimental and a memory-lane pack rat.  Both of which contribute to my difficulty with moving from one life moment to another. I am so excited about our new apartment, and it is way cooler than the one we have now, but it isn't ours yet, and this one is, and even if it is better, it isn't the same.  I sound like a crazy person, I know, but every time we move or make some considerable change to our life I have to give myself time to process, and even mourn, the change before I can fully be excited about what is to come.   
Simon has learned this about me over the last few years.  When my flowers die, it is sad for me to be done with them, throwing out the Christmas tree is always a ceremonious occasion to help me deal with it and he graciously allowed the pumpkins to sit in the hallway for a couple of days after we took all of the fall decorations down, so I could get used to them not being around, before we threw them out.  We laugh about it, because it really is ridiculous, and I am aware of this, but for whatever reason, it is something I need; Closure, in a silly way.   
All this to say, packing has begun. Our apartment is a jumble and Simon is working hard to get through his pre-china to-do list before Thursday.  We have about a dozen bins packed and ready for movin' day. It's funny how much of your stuff you decide you can live without for a couple of weeks when you are excited about packing.  
I'll pretty much be on my own for the majority of the apartment since Simon will, conveniently, be traveling the 2 weeks before we move. (He returns the 13th of August and we officially can move in on the 15th)  I am thankful we have only a one bedroom apartment full of stuff. That alone will be quite a job.   We will have taken care of the tall-person things and the strong-person things by the time Simon heads out so the rest is manageable. 

Well, that is all for now: just some thoughts and a little progress report, nothing more. 
Below is picture of our shambled apartment. Lots of people have asked for  pictures of our new one, but until the current tenants move out completely, I don't really want to take pictures.  I'll post some as soon as it is ours. :) 

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