Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

After this weekend, it makes me even more thankful that we were able to make the move to Spartanburg. We were able to do a lot of fun things with friends as well as spend some much-needed time with family.  Jessica and Grant drove up to visit and arrived Friday night for dinner.  
Then, Saturday afternoon, after a relaxing morning, we all headed over to the house of our friend Alois.    He and his family live right on the lake.  Although there were a couple of times we had to take cover inside from the brooding storm clouds that threatened to put a damper on our lake day, we managed to still have fun socializing and getting to know everyone a little better. Plus, we were always able to get back out on the lake once the little threat had passed. Grant, Simon and I all gave wake boarding a whirl.  Because the weather wasn't super sunny, there were very few other boats on the lake; making it even more enjoyable for those of us who were.   That night, Aloise ordered pizza for us and the others there and then we went out on the lake one last time. The weather was really nice: not too sunny, but warm with a light breeze. Quite near perfect for our plans.  I am thankful that we were able to be apart of the day and for Alois and his welcoming family.

Here are a few photos from our day. 

Me and Jess sitting on the dock waiting for the boat. 

Jess and Grant and Aloise on the boat. 

View from the dock

A little distorted, but a decent shot of everything 

Sunday was church, lunch and just hanging out at the apartment.   Grant and Simon tackled the project of figuring out the wireless internet that is "included" with the apartment. It has been really inconsistent and, in some areas, just won't work at all.  After a field trip to best buy and some techy tinkering, they got it to work! Pretty excited about that!!! Thank you Grant!! 

While they did their thing, Jessica and I had girl time.  :) This consisted of a lot of talking and her letting me use her awesome gel nail stuff for a great manicure. Thanks Jess!

Sunday night we took advantage of our downtown living and walked over to Wild Wings for dinner. The super long wait was not awesome but it was a fun night anyways. 

All of us as we went to dinner. 

Monday morning, this morning, Jess and Grant hit the road. 
Thank y'all so much for making the drive to spend time with us! We had a great time! 

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