Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dining Room

One room at a time we are working our way through the craziness, and it is slowly becoming a home. The dining room is the only room we have all of the furniture for, (basically a table and chairs) so we began with that room. Paint, paint,  curtains, and more paint; that is basically the work that had to be done. Oh, and hanging a light fixture. So, here it comes, finished room #1. Woohoo! :)

We will take out the single door on the left of the mirror when we complete the kitchen renovations I think. But for now, I think it will act as a good barrier between the mess and the meals. :) 

Our table and chairs fit perfectly into this room and we finally have a wonderful place to hang our  copper (now a wonderfully oxidized turquoise) pendant light that we bought at the Restore almost 2 years ago.  

We have several very wide windows and we have discovered that curtain rods are ridiculously expensive.  It is a pole for goodness sakes... a bronze pole.  Why do I have to pay almost 40 dollars for it!?  I have some go-to places for cheap or second hand rods, but because we needed such a long one (120 inches min) I wasn't having any luck.  Thankfully, Simon is better at thinking outside the box about these things.  So, he made a curtain rod for me.  He will be writing a blog post on the particulars soon, because it was really an awesome project and a fraction of the cost of buying one from the store.  Here are a couple of close ups though.  

I took this photo to show that it is a solid piece, not the usual overlapping poles.  

I love how the dining room turned out.  It feels really nice to know that one room is complete.  Now, on to the next one.  

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