Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day

To celebrate the forth we went out to lake Bowen with Simon's boss and some other friends we have met through him, along with some others we had never met. It was truly a hodge pose of people. A family of 6 from Mexico, an Austrian, two Frenchmen, 3 Germans, a German/Mexican family with a precious toddler, a sweet man from prague, an American family and me. There were a couple others who came and went along with 2 dogs and a family of ducks.

 We've met some interesting and friendly people since we've been here. They have all been very welcoming and it has made our transition easier! I think we made some new friends over this holiday on the lake. We got out there around 11 for a delicious brunch of croissants and Nutella and eggs. We spent the afternoon taking some boat rides, playing a few games on the shore, and watching all of the kids make dive after dive off the dock. 

They barbecued tenderloin for dinner and we had cheeses and salami (courtesy of the Frenchmen) and some crunchy baguettes. Once it got darker we made s'mores over a little fire and enjoyed the beautiful sunset before heading out on the boat to watch the fireworks shot off at the houses surrounding the lake. 

We loved feeling the relaxing slosh of the boat surrounded by the watery reflections of the fireworks that illuminated the sky. It was kind of magical and definitely a perfect way to end the holiday. 

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