Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home Improvements #3

Nothing TOO crazy, but a couple of new home improvements/additions to report. 

We saw this clock at Hobby Lobby (when we went in to see how much it would cost to frame the watercolor painting I mentioned) and we both really liked it.  It is kind of huge but because we have such high ceilings we have a lot of extra wall space to work with.  It was way too expensive, like $150 or so. But, I realized it was broken (the hands, at a certain point, would interlock and the be left unable to make their rounds) so, because Simon thought he could fix it, he talked to the manager and asked how much he could take off of it.  Apparently it had been a bit of a thorn in the managers side because he took off 80% and sold it to us for $33! Score!! Simon was able to fix it, so that has been an exciting addition to our living room.

  Side table lamps!  Lamps were top on my list of needed items when we moved in but, as we discovered, lamps are kind-of-super-expensive.  Especially when you are buying two.  So between our budget and trying to find ones we liked (a big problem as, apparently, we are picky lamp buyers... who knew?) we are just now getting them- 4 months in.  But it makes them all the more appreciated! They are just the right size and match really well with our room.  They are kind of bronzy brown (hard to tell in the picture) and the glass lamp cover is kind of orange-brown.  Professional description, I know, but it's a hard color to describe!  Anyways, we found them at Hobby Lobby as well and all there lamps were 50% off so it was under our budget and we both liked them! 

The painting Simon got framed for me for my birthday is now hanging in our bathroom.  We also moved the orange clock we had in the living room into the bathroom because the new huge clock does enough time-telling on its own.  Orange matches better in the bathroom than the living room anyways so it worked out well.  

 It may seem silly but my inspiration for the color pallet for our bedroom came from this pillow. :)  It was given to me by Jessica, Simon's cousin, because she won it and it is not quite her taste.  It is, however very much mine!   All our bedroom walls are plain so when I went to buy curtains, and then later decorations, I loved this pillow so much I decided to just go with it as the theme.   Again, hard to see colors clearly: Burnt orange, mustard yellow and turquoise-ish blue.  

 Here is how that turned out.  The shelves have been great!

That is it for our recent home improvements and additions.  As you can see, at this point, we are definitely just adding fluff.  We don't have any big needs.  We are blessed to be able to have "fluffy" things that just make life... prettier.  
A big thanks and I-love-you to Simon for hanging all of these things for us!

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