Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Improvements #2

One of the downsides of moving into an apartment so much bigger than our last is, we have a much larger lists of wants/needs than we did before.  We're slowly accumulating things here and there, but it will be awhile before we are able to afford all of the major pieces we feel will make it complete.  The first of our upgrades was the pipe shelf Simon posted about.  We are hoping to add on to that in a couple of months.  We have a monthly home improvements budget so maybe we can do that in October or November.  

We definitely have all of the true necessities so even our "needs"are really just slightly more-needed than the wants.  Here are the improvements so far.  

 Night stands.
They are not ideal because they are a little short and don't have much added storage space, but were really reasonably priced and are great for now.  I think I am going to buy some cheap baskets or something to put in as drawers atop the "X".  Once we get lamps, which are the next thing on our list, there will be very little room left on the surface.   Lamps are pretty necessary, because the lighting in our room is really not great.     

 Curtains in our bedroom.  

 Curtains in the living room.
  It is hard to get a picture because of the weird lighting, but these were my best attempts.  The curtains are green

Area rug. 
 This is the September purchase.  It is the one thing I wanted more than anything (definitely a want, not a need) because our living room didn't have a lot of color.  So I am really excited about this!

We are still loving our apartment and have enjoyed the three months (can you believe it has been that long) we've had to get settled.  

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