Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Steeple Chase 2014

For the second year in a row we were invited to attend the steeple chase in North Carolina with Simon's boss.  Last year we had a really great time, so we were both really excited to go.  Simon's boss and his girlfriend, and his coworkers, Alexa and Kayla, along with each of their families were all apart of our group. We saw several other friends throughout the day who stopped by our spot. 

Although the races are from about 1:30-4:00, the day starts early with mimosas and snacking while we watch the pre-chase activities. Those include events like the hat parade, the miniature horses, and the hounds. 

Here is Arne setting up the food table at our spot. We were in the same spot as last year: right at the start/finish line. 

Here are some of the hat wearers walking to the hat parade. 
Here are the hounds. They were demonstrating their response to fox hunting calls.  Pretty cute. 

There were 4 races in total.  Here are the horses, passing in front of us into their second of three laps 
Here they are again. It was such a pretty day! Lots of sun and an occasional breeze. Just as hot as last year, but I did remember to bring sun screen

 this time. 

Had to get a picture of us :) cheese! 

This was really the first outdoor excitement we have had this spring. It fell on a crazy weekend! Simon had just gotten back from a camping trip that morning, I had a baby shower to help decorate for that afternoon and then host the next day.  But it was so nice to spend a day in the sun. I love South Carolina weather and all of the things that lends itself too.  It is just the start of that time of year- filled with outdoor concerts, lake days and even a beach trip. I'm really thankful we live in a place where all of those things are at our fingertips!  Happy springtime everyone!  More updates to come, I finally have some time to catch up. 

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