Friday, May 16, 2014

The Honest Co: Face and Body Lotion Review

A girlfriend of mine lent me Jessica Alba's book The Honest Life when I was beginning my search for some alternative products. I really have enjoyed reading it, I still have it as a matter of fact, and flip through it occasionally to recall something or another.  It is a book about how and why she decided to start The Honest Company (a company that makes clean, green products for baby care, body, and home) and how that intermingles with her lifestyle choices on food, products, parenting, etc. It is the kind of book that, if you read it cover to cover, you would enjoy it but not retain the vast majority of the information. At least I wouldn't. It just has too much to grasp in a setting. But on several occasions I have read through sections and learned a lot about what to avoid and why. Obviously she believes in her products and wants others too as well, but it isn't a book pushing how great her line is. It lists other companies and products that have products she likes, uses and recommends, as well as some DIY ways to accomplish your goal without purchasing any product at all. All in all, the book was a good find for me and a good read in general. 

I say all of that to say, it led me to give one of her products a try. For the most part, The honest Company can only be found online. I've seen a few products here and there in random stores, but not for any cheaper, and not a large selection. 

The most recent product replacement on my to-do list has been face lotion. I put lotion on my face pretty often. At least twice a day: after I wash my face, so once in the morning and once at night before bed. Also, anytime befor I put on makeup, or just feel my face getting dry. I don't have particularly dry or oily skin. It is pretty combination, and pretty low maintenance as far as what I can and can't use on it.  I don't typically react poorly to products in general. I use off brand supermarket face washes, etc. one thing I have found though, is that if it is not a lotion meant for your face (body lotions, body sunscreens) it tends to cake-up and clog my pores.
 That was the only stipulation I had for lotions, is that it should designed for faces. I'm not sure what the differences is, but I can feel how much longer the oily ness and heaviness lingers if it is a lotion not meant for faces. 
However, I recently (a couple months ago) tried to change my face lotion to the same brand but one with sunscreen. From a "sensitive skin, oil free" to a " oil free, SPF 15". It dd NOT go well. My face felt clogged and oily. Not refreshed and moisturizer.  So not only do I need face specific lotion, I need sensitive skin, face specific lotion. Annoying. But oh well. It is what it is. 

So, when I came across this sensitive skin, face and body lotion by The Honest Company, I decided I would try it out.  It has a citrusy, fresh scent, and a light feel to it. 
I used it for about 2 weeks, applying it twice a day, before I decide that it was not going to meet my needs. 
It, of course, met all the clean ingredient needs, but it was making my face oily and the more naturally oily parts of the face (around the nose, hair line) break out. Bummer
I think the lotion has the ability to be used on sensitive areas like the face, but still has something in it that my skin just doesn't like. I noticed that in the mornings my face would still feel oily from the lotion I had put on the night before. It wasn't absorbing into my skin enough, just sitting on it. 

So, after giving this product a decent trial period, I have decided it doesn't meet my needs as a face lotion.

I have since started using it as just a body lotion, and I like it a lot. My skin feels moisturized and clean. Not over oily or greasy. So I will continue using this lotion for now in that capacity, and continue searching for a face lotion. Once it runs out, however, I may look for a body lotion containing SPF. 


  1. Let me know if you land a face lotion with an spf that you end up liking...I am still in search of such a lotion, that not only absorbs and feels clean and moisturizes, but also that does not have harsh chemicals and has an I asking for too much? Thoughts?

    1. I guess I am not sones up for being informed when people comment on my blog. Sorry it is forever ago that you asked. I am planning on blogging about it soon, but I have found a burtsbees day lotion that I love! It is the daily moisturizing lotion. It comes in a little squatty pump. I don't remember if it has spf or not, but I think it is wonderful.

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