Monday, September 1, 2014

World Cup

Please do not misunderstand my post as me being an avid soccer fan. As a matter of fact, these are some of the only soccer games I have ever watched, let alone paid close attention to.  But that doesn't change the fact that watching a popular European sport with a group of Europeans can be a great time! On a side note, there should be a word for a group of Europeans. There is a gaggle of geese,  a murder of cows, a crash of rhinoceros, why not a something of Europeans. I'm not sure what is most fitting. Something with a feisty ring to it probably. Anyways, back to sports...
When there is an opportunity to get together, we Spartanburgers take it. The World Cup presented the perfect opportunity. The US is on the lucky end of the time change with Brazil. Most of the games were at reasonable times, especially the Weekend ones. 

We watched the Germany vs Brazil game, the most noteworthy game I'd say, at Gerhard's Cafe. Of course no one expected the crazy turn of events that the game turned out to be, so unfortunately I didn't capture any of the pure-bliss moments after the 4 consecutive goals, but I still managed to snap a few exciting bits. 

For the World Cup final, we grilled out at our friend's apartment.  

                  Our victory photo!  

It has been a lot of fun, these last two years, being a part of this crazy group of people. I'm thankful we have had this opportunity. Who would have thought that sparkle city would be home to all of these great people. More fun memories to come I'm sure. Foreign and domestic :) 

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