Friday, June 1, 2012

Hired- Take 2

    When we were still in Houston and found out we would be moving, I began thinking about what I would want to be doing in South Carolina job wise.  I new we would be arriving just a couple of weeks before summer vacation for most schools so I though I would look for a summer nannying job just to get some extra money (nannying pays better than an entry level business job) before I really invested in looking for something else.  Because I had such luck finding a nannying job in Houston, I proceeded the same way: via  A family contacted me needing a nanny for twin 4 year olds.  After I spoke more with the family I discovered it was more than I was expecting.  It is through the family's business so it would be a salaried position with benefits etc and a longterm position rather than just a summer.  Simon and I talked more about it and it seemed like it was just too good of a situation to pass up so I proceeded with the interview process.  After about 2 weeks of interviewing and waiting I got the call yesterday that they were offering me the job.  I am very excited! I'm excited both to have found a job but also to get to spend more time with the kids.  I only have met them once, but they are absolutely precious and seem to have tons of energy and sweet spirits.  I will begin in a couple of weeks which will give me some time to relax and take a little break from the whole hustle and bustle of moving.  It seems like everything has truly been falling into place for us the last couple of months; even if it doesn't end up being the way we imagined or expected, it still seems just right and just where we need to be.  God is faithful and it seems that all our waiting has paid off.  More on our South Carolina adventures to come.  Just wanted to share my news.

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