Sunday, June 3, 2012

Year One - 5.15.12

Despite all of the random and unusual situations we've been in since we've been married: Finishing up school, working in Dime Box for weeks at a time, living with family and packing up and moving cross country, it stills seems as though the year has flown by.  Then again, when I think back on all of the new experiences, new relationships, and new adventures we've had, it is hard to believe it was only a year.

We went to a lot of trouble to keep our wedding cake frozen for the year so we could eat it on our 1 year anniversary and then a week or so before we learn that, on the 15th, Simon will be in South Carolina and I will be in Houston.  Sad day.  So we decided we would have to bust the cake out early.  So with the help of Raya, Nick and Jason we got most of the cake eaten.  We were pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  The icing was terribly sweet but the cake was still delicious.  A thanks to Dan and Sarina for giving up some freezer space for the 2 or so months our cake needed.  So we weren't together for our anniversary but really in the end it's just a day and the more important part is remembering the year that has passed and all that it meant.  

A brief review of what our first year of marriage has looked like:

Celebrating with all of our friends and family the excitement of getting married and the new life that would be in store for us was truly the best way any adventure could begin.   

 Traveling to Europe and spending time with family and getting to see some beautiful parts of the world was also a wonderful beginning to a stressful year.

Working hard in Dime Box definitely gave us the opportunity to find some things we didn't like about each other.  Haha.  I think our worst sides can come out when we're hot, stressed, and tired.  But it was worth it in the end.

Finishing School and reveling in the accomplishment meant so much more once we had struggled through a semester of trying to figure out how to be married while also staying committed to ending school strong!!

Our first Thanksgiving as a "family" was spent with my parents.  

Our first Christmas as a "family" was with Simon's family.

Moving to Houston and celebrating New Years with family and friends was a nice welcome into our lengthy stay!  But being so close to loved ones was one of the blessings of living in Houston.

We were fortunate enough to get to stay through both Ally's and Hannah's birthdays and make that memory with them.  Something we could not have done so easily living in Arkansas and certainly not in South Carolina.

All in all I think we will remember our year, and particularly our last few months with family, best by silliness, laughing and lots and lots of games... 

And not to mention... Simon getting a green card... Heck Yeah! 

We also met some wonderful people through First Colony Church and we will be forever thankful to Dan and Sarina for encouraging us to get involved with their small group.  It definitely helped us more than we can explain to have their support through the job hunting and green card waiting.  A huge thanks to the Hiseys and the Felts' for their support and friendship that welcomed us.  
We hope to be able to find such a great group of people here.

Well... to end our first year...

The drive....  Simon and his truck were hard to miss.  We were both blessed with safe travels 

So far, we love it here. It's such an exciting thing to move somewhere totally new.  Simon's new job was a great anniversary present for us!!  We still don't really know anyone but in time we will.  We've been church hunting and are praying that God will lead us to the right one.  
We can only pray for another blessed year as we settle into our new state and our new lives: A year full of having fun together, growing closer, learning more about each other and how to love and accept each others differences and how to serve God better individually and together, and always remaining faithful.
I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!    

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  1. Eventful first year that is for sure! congrats btw!