Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Apartment: All Moved In

Well, we did it! Two weeks in and we finally have everything hung up and unpacked! 
The "dining room" was basically jam-packed with bins for almost the first week which was a little overwhelming but once we got into the swing of things it really went pretty quickly.  

We NEVER would have gotten everything unloaded from the moving truck and into the apartment without tons of help from our friend Jeremy who drove from a few towns over to help Simon unload the heavy stuff.  He also ended up being a big help with the washer/dryer installation which turned out to be a bigger project that anticipated.  Also it was just nice to see him again.  He is a friend from Harding and it was good to catch up after being gone several months.  

I am glad that it is as important to Simon to get all of the decorations and pictures put up ASAP as it is to me.  In my experience, if it doesn't get put up in the first week then who knows when you'll get around to it.  A lot of the things, though, i couldn't have gotten hung up on my own.  He was great and made it a priority which made me super happy.  

I saw this trick on a blog for testing out larger-wall picture placement before actually nailing anything in: painters tape.  

We'll probably change some of the pictures out soon but I haven't gotten around to printing any lately.  Right now they are basically all of us. Ha.  

We brought this big cookie slice of a tree trunck with us from Houston.  We bought it at a sawmill and had planned on making it a table top but seeing how we don't have a place for a table... Simon found a way to get it up on the wall.

So anyways, here is the tour. 

When you walk in the front door, you're in the living room ...

{This is the chaise lounge we got off of Craig's list last week.  Before, there was an awkward empty space in the living room, so we wanted some extra seating that wouldn't block the natural light.  We got lucky and found this for a great price. }

...and the desk Simon made actually fits great! It gives us an office type area.  

The "dining room" is on your left

And the kitchen is straight ahead.  We have a lot more counter space than we did in our last apartment so it makes everything in the kitchen much more fun and definitely less stressful.

Around the corner is the fridge and...

...the washer and dryer closet.  Which we decided to also use as a pantry because there is no designated pantry.

The bathroom.  Double sinks.  An upgrade from apt. number 1.  

The bedroom.  Our bed looks huge in this room but I think it's also the angle from which I took the picture.  Since this was taken we have accumulated nightstands.

Nice big closet... for our standards anyways. 

And last but not least, a little deck area.  There is a storage closet on the right side of the deck were we stashed all of our suitcases and the empty bins.  

That's our place.  There are still some things we need/want that will come later (a rug is number one one my list) but as is, the apartment meets all our needs and we're already starting to feel at home.  


  1. Your place looks really nice, how many sq. ft. is it?

  2. Also, isn't it awesome to be in a city that has a great craigslist!?

  3. Our Apartment is about 800 sq. ft but that is also including the deck. I think the deck is about 70 or so. I don't remember exactly. But the apartment is almost double the size of out first one so we're really enjoying all of the space!! And yes it is awesome with the craigslist thing. We started looking for extra seating and found something we liked the same day!