Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

This was the first year we haven't traveled for the Christmas holiday.  While excursions to see family are a lot of fun, there is something relaxing about getting to have family come to your home and celebrate together there.  Not to mention, it is a great excuse to do that deep cleaning you've been meaning to do... all year.  

My Mom and Dad arrived on Christmas eve right in time for some lasagna soup and A Christmas Carol.
It isn't Christmas without Christmas Morning coffee, right?  Not in our family at least.  :)

 In the spirit of Christmas, Mom and I tried our hand at gingerbread cookies ( a first for me) and I thought they turned out pretty great. The decorators may not have been beautiful, but they tasted fine just the same. 

With parents, come presents!

Christmas Smiles
You are never too old to get toys.  Thank goodness!

Simon's opening his reciprocating saw from his parents.
MyaAnnual Christmas ornament from Mom.  

The Pioneer Woman cook book.  I may have to steal a couple of those recipes for myself. 

Game of Thrones book set.  Another gift I may borrow at some point :)
Our Christmas morning fire. haha.  
Christmas was an all day eating affair, but the main Christmas meal was a linner... or a dunch... a late lunch, early dinner?

Dad being a goof with his napkin.  
We all ate, and ate, and ate until we were about to pop!  And then we ate gingerbread cookies of course.  

While we are on the subject of eating until you pop, I'll admit that a guilty pleasure of mine is Cracker Barrel's Breakfast.  YUM!  Somehow we always manage to find some time for it when we are with Mom and Dad :)  And going after Christmas is the best way to get the 70% off Christmas ornaments:  win-win! 

After a few day of Christmas fun and a long day of hard work at our new house, my parents headed back home Sunday morning.  It was great to have them with us to share laughs and make memories.  We are thankful they were willing to make the trip.   Love you Mom and Dad!

And Merry Christmas from the Reinhardt Faimly!

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