Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Make a Gift Card Wreath

Our church just hired a new preacher.  He and his wife moved here from out of state for the position, with three young children.  One of the things the life groups did for them was provide them with giftcards or memberships to places in town to get them plugged in, and to make it feel like home.  
I was part of the group recruited to help them get settled, and rather than just giving them a pile of giftcards I wanted to find a nicer way to present it to them.  I had never made a gifrcard wreath, but I thought it could be a cute, welcoming way to put the cards all together.  

So I went to Dollar Tree (seriously, a great place to begin crafts) and bought a couple of packs of close pins.
Then I went to Hobby Lobby (another great place for craft shopping) and bought a wire wreath, a wooden letter "A", and burlap bow.  

I used Mod Podge and one of those mini books of themed scrapbooking paper to cover the clothes pins. 
I traced the size and cut our a bunch of little strips. 

 I used a little foam brush and painted on 2 or 3 coats of Mod Podge, letting it dry completely after each coat.  
I went through both packs of clothes pins, leaving some uncovered, because it went nicely with the other colors, and only used 3 double-sided pages from the paper pack.  So, it really didn't take much.    

I alternated the clothes pins, short and tall, around the wire wreath.  I just clipped them on, I didn't glue them at all.  

I painted the "A" to match the scrap booking paper and tied the bow onto the top.  I didn't put any clothes pins on the area where the bow was, because I didn't think it was necessary.  If you wanted to be able to take the bow off, you would want to put them all the way around.  
I cut a 2-inch thick strip of burlap from some extra that I had at home.  I folded it in two and connected it with a knot to the wreath, behind the bow.     

I hot glued the "A" on top of the clothes pins.  

Once the paint and the glue dried, I clipped all of the gift cards into the middle and it was finished.  

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