Saturday, January 3, 2015

Taking Down a Chimney

There is a big, brick chimney on the front of our house.  A fire places was one of the must-haves on my house hunting list, and the pretty one in out living room is exactly what I had hoped for!
  There is one other fire place that was closed up in the middle of the kitchen and den by some previous owners.  You can see the little chimney in the picture above. 

We will have to put some money into the fireplace in the den to get it back in working order, and we just cant do that for two, so it had to go.  Plus, from a floor plan perspective, it would be really difficult to work around.  

So Simon and our friend Michael went to work Thursday taking it down.  

It needs to be taken down from top to bottom, so the work has to begin on the roof. 
I don't think anyone involved really loved that part of the whole thing, but they were both troopers. 
Brick chunk by brick chunk they sledge hammered away the chimney. 
After that they had to patch up the roof. 
They needed:
OSB to cover the whole
2x4s for bracing 
Tar paper to seal it
And shingles to protect it (and make it pretty) 
Here is an action shot. Haha. This is where the chimney used to be, but no more! 
I don't have a picture yet of the new roof because just moments after the finishing touches, the rain came! 
Thankfully it had not come before, and we quickly were able to find out if they had done a good job. Haha. They had! No leaks. :) 
Or friend Patrick (not pictured) came that day and helped out too. He helped bring order to the chaos of bricks, shingles, and junk thrown off the roof that were decorating the front yard and driveway. 
A big thanks to everyone who has already helped us out with our work! We really appreciate the help and enjoy the memories. 
The next step will be to continue taking down the chimney on the second floor and then down through the kitchen: a less time-sensitive chore since it is all inside. That will be finished around the same time as the brace for the ceiling downstairs (see "from bedroom to den"post).  
It seems crazy that our Christmas vacation time as flown by so fast, but we did get a lot done, and have laid the ground work for quite a bit more. 

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