Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Taking Down A Chimney: Part 2

Although Simon and Michael successfully took off the top of the chimney and patched up the roof, we eventually still need to take the entire chimney down.  Simon tackled the second floor part of the chimney, about 6 feet, on Sunday.  

The majority of the work is carrying all of the bricks down the stairs into the Bagster.  
I was not incredibly upset that Simon did this on his own that day.  :)
No more chimney upstairs.  :)

We are trying to save and clean up as many bricks as we can so we can reface the fireplace with original bricks from the house.  So far we have over 80 and we still have the rest of the chimney on the first floor.  I think we willl have plenty; maybe even some extra for landscaping.   

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  1. That must have been hard work to break and tear down that chimney!